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    We have great news for you! We had an awesome offer in private but we just made it available for everybody. Let us present you Energy Beauty Bar!

    As we all know, fashion and beauty offers are considered to be the best offers type in terms of conversion and profit. The point is that, unfortunately, the most part of those products are season-related. But not this one! Energy Beauty Bar is always trending and it doesn’t matter what weather is outside.

    Bearing in mind that nearly every woman from 15 to 50 wants get rid of wrinkles and make her face look younger, fight the first signs of aging and improve skin color. In this regard, it could be concluded that the target audience is pretty huge.
    When running this offer you will save much time on the approval process of your creative materials in any ad network since this offer is whitehat and doesn’t require any hidden ads.

    By the way, you might want a friendly advice on where to get traffic from?

    • Before you do anything else try using spying tools to see your competitors’ advertising strategy.
    • We also recommend targeting women in the age group of 30–65. Forums and webpages where they spend most of their time on the Internet is a perfect space to place your materials. For example:

    http://www.bg-mamma.com – forum with 4,2 million monthly visits

    http://ezine.bg/forum/ –  forum with 1,6 million monthly visits

    https://www.elmaz.com – dating site with 1,5 million monthly visits

    • Facebook Ads. Since our offer is mostly whitehat it won’t have any troubles with Facebook’s moderation.
    • If you have an email list of people who can be interested in the offer don’t hesitate to use it. That’s a great advantage!
    • Instagram/YouTube. If you just search for “Energy Beauty Bar” on Instagram or YouTube you will find a ton of videos where people are demonstrating the magnificent effect of the product. So, there is really tight competition and to stand out among all those monotonous reviews you should be creative.

    The variety of GEOs is pretty big, just have a look them:

    11718 – Energy Beauty Bar – IT

    11720 – Energy Beauty Bar – PT

    11721 – Energy Beauty Bar – FR

    11722 – Energy Beauty Bar – DE, AT

    11723 – Energy Beauty Bar – CY, GR

    11724 – Energy Beauty Bar – RO

    11725 – Energy Beauty Bar – PL

    11726 – Energy Beauty Bar – BG

    11727 – Energy Beauty Bar – CZ

    11728 – Energy Beauty Bar – SK

    Feel free to contact your AM for more information. Have a nice day and stay tuned!

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