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  • New super speedy AdCombo bot: 1 sec and answer is got
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    Want to get top offers or the best converting creative pair immediately, but your manager is unavailable at the moment? Meet our new AdCombo bot! It answers questions with lightning speed and has a super power to show an offer’s payout and approval rate by reading…ID!

    Who has the access: all signed up AdCombo publishers

    How to access the bot:

    1. Log in, go to Settings and copy your personal token for the bot

    Account settings > Security >

    2. Start a chat with the bot;

    3. Click on “start” and send your personal token.

    What offers does the bot serve? 

    For now, our bot can share the info solely on COD offers.

    What can the bot do?

    • Inform about the approval rate and basic payouts of the offers

    • Recommend converting creative pairs for the offers

    • Show the best offers under a vertical in a certain GEO 

    • The bot can sort such offers by values and instantly provide information on their approval rate, payouts and the most efficient creative pairs.

    What languages does the bot support?

    • English
    • Russian

    I have a spytool syndrome, show me the pictures!

    Well, let’s START! 🚀

    1. Start a conversation with the bot:

    2. After your account is linked up, you should select a language to communicate with the bot, and then click on “СOD”:

    3. Select 1 out of 3 options:

    4. We’ll start with the first one – and see the best offers on a GEO. Select the suitable range of searching the needed GEO from the options:

    5. Find the needed GEO on the list. Let’s say, Malaysia:

    6. Select a niche of the offers:

    7. Specify the sub-vertical you’re seeking:

    8. Decide on which value to select to see the best offers:

    9. Voila! And here are the best offers in the GEO, sorted by the selected value. Now we can see the payouts, the approval rate, or get the most converting creative pairs all at once:

    10. We’ll start with the main – and check out the payout and the AR:

    11. Enter an ID of one of the offers above that you’re interested in:

    12. Hooray! The AR and the payout fit, thus it’s time to start driving traffic!

    13. Get the converting creative materials for the offer:

    But let’s suppose that we don’t need to find an offer, but to get the info on the one we already know. So, we’re going back to the beginning – to the three-option choice.

    2.  Want to know the payout and the AR of the offer? Easy! Enter the offer’s ID and get the results:

    3. Need converting creative pairs for the offer? Enter the offer’s ID and take them!

    Our first meeting with the bot has come to an end. It’s not saying goodbye, but is awaiting you at @adcombo_bot. Feel free to come by!

    You can leave feedback on the bot or make suggestions for its improvement through this form.

    Although no one can substitute our amazing managers, the bot will quickly answer your question and speed up your ascent to the heights of CPA marketing 😉

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