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    Hey there!

    As you know, the AdCombo Posh’n’Porsche Challenge has been extended till Nov 30, 2020

    That means you have extra time to increase your chances to reach (or remain in) TOP 50, be invited to the brightest party of your life, and win one of the two brand-new Porsche sports cars: Porsche 718 Boxter S or Porsche 911 Carrera S.

    What’s more, we’ve prepared a pleasant bonus to give credit to your efforts:

    Each participant in TOP 50 at the end of the challenge will be rewarded with a guaranteed prize – NINTENDO SWITCH LITE!

    And each participant, who finishes in TOP 5, will be rewarded with APPLE iPHONE 12 (and Nintendo Switch Lite)!  

    And then they will try their luck to win 1 major prize (Porsche car) and 1 minor prize in the prize drawing at the party! 

    Do you remember the prizes for the drawing that we announced at the very beginning of the Challenge? 

    Rolex Submariner x1

    Jet Surf x 1

    There’re so many more! All of them will be revealed very soon.

    Stay tuned! 

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