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  • Pure Blood for Pure Profit! Pursanga – Innovative Offer for Blood Purification
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    What region is one of the most popular for Nutra offers? Experienced affiliates will say immediately – it’s LATAM! 

    There are many reasons for the region to be so popular among affiliates. The population has enough income here to purchase Nutra products and a high level of internet usage:

    Therefore, people buy more goods via the Internet. Not so high quality of medical services are also among the reasons. 

    Aside from the advantages, there is one significant downside. All affiliates know about the region’s benefits and, as a result, LATAM is overloaded with diverse ad campaigns for weight loss, rejuvenation, potency, joints, vision, etc. 

    Can you still take the region’s advantages and turn them into profits?

    Yes, you can! Show the buyers in LATAM something they haven’t seen yet. 

    For example, our innovative offer – blood purification – 35605 Pursanga – PE.

    What’s the innovative offer? 

    Blood purification products help to detoxify the body, boost the immunity system and have a positive impact on the overall health. 

    Why is it important?

    The blood in the human body works like the transport system of a city. Unfortunately, not only vitamins and nutrients flow with it, but also various toxins. Without blood purification, all wellness procedures are useless. 

    What are the benefits of the offer?

    💸 The payout has increased from $13.5 to $16; 

    💸 Natural components: extracts of blueberries, elderberries, and nettles always have a pleasant impression on users , especially in regions with low quality of health services;

    💸 The new product that Peruvians haven’t tried yet (and you won’t even find such offers in other CPA networks);

    💸 The product has shown great results in Europe and is now available in Peru, where traffic is cheaper than in the Tier 1 countries. 

    What should the creatives highlight?

    Value: the product will purify the blood, improve health, and make taking other medicines more effective. 

    Quality: herbal ingredients are the foundation of the product.

    Ease of use: 1 teaspoon per glass of water or milk once a day in the morning is enough. After a month, a customer will feel a rush of energy and lightness in the body!

    Let the creatives attract the users to your campaign (link here).

    To sum up

    New products are always a breath of fresh air. 

    Here, the profit will go to the first one to launch the campaign! 

    Test the offer as soon as possible, before other affiliates get ahead of you!


  • John 22.10.22 at 2:58 pm

    This looks like one I will test!

  • Md Haider Alo 04.11.22 at 1:28 pm

    I want to campaign the offer pursanga.Do you allow me campaign?!

  • Oliur Rahman 27.02.23 at 6:04 pm


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