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  • Rare GEO and Payout Bumps: Fight Parasites in South Korea!
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    Today we are happy to share an offer for our exclusive GEO – South Korea.  Welcome Para Zero!  Let’s talk about it a bit.

    Para Zero comes in a form of capsules that can help to get rid of helminths. It’s similar to our star offer Detoxic, but has quite a few of its own exciting perks!

    What makes it unique is: 

    1. Payout. AdCombo gives a $20 payout for this offer. We are ready to increase it handsomely for those of you with first successful Para Zero tests!  
    2. COD model. In South Korea people are used to paying with credit cards and the COD model is something new and appealing to Koreans. Such slogans as “ORDER NOW – PAY WHEN DELIVERED! ” can really make you stand out from the crowd of alike health offers. 

    The GEO is also very promising. South Korea is the fifth economy generating the largest amount of ecommerce sales!

    AdCombo also sees how underestimated South Korea is in terms of affiliate marketing. It has huge potential. That’s why in the nearest future we are planning to roll out more offers for this GEO. Everyone who will join us this time in South Korea will have premium access to the upcoming offers in this region. This is a great opportunity to jump into this geo with  low competition (for now!). 

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