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  • How to run Arabian GEOs
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    We already did the review at our new GEOs – Lebanon, the UAE, and Jordan. And now it’s time to tell some interesting lifehacks and tips. Since those offers were private and some of our affiliates have tested it, we can provide you with some useful info. So, what do you need to know to make a profit?

    The first thing affiliates think about is legal problems. There are rumors that Arabian countries have strict laws about advertising and you may have big problems if you will not abide them. Well, Arabian countries do have strong laws but while our team ran the offers, they didn’t have any problems with them. You just need to learn a bit about those countries (and you can get some useful info from our review here).

    Many affiliates think that those GEOs need a special approach. That’s not true though 🙂
    Actually, you can use your usual creative materials for those countries, there is no need to change it. But if you want to make it as profitable as it can be, we have some tips.

    Some local networks don’t allow creative materials with bellies so better use something more abstract. Pictures with skin and stuff like bottles and cans are pretty popular and have a good conversion rate for health and beauty offers. By the way, Goji Cream goes really well there – even though women wear the veils and almost no one sees their faces, they want to look pretty (as any girl does :). Speaking of the text part of banners, better present the information directly. What sort of product it is, how does it help, how much younger or thinner you may look after using it and so on.

    In general, there is a lot of traffic – search engines, social networks, you can even try Instagram. But note that accounts are blocked more often and sooner than in other countries. Also, we recommend you to try push-traffic – it works really good with those GEOs. By the way, there are some local networks and they worth trying since they know its market better.

    And as long as we’re talking about local “things” – take the details of every country into account. For example, Lebanon has electrical problems and sometimes it affects the conversion rates and traffic in general. And the UAE, for its part, has lots of immigrants and this is why you are free to use creative materials in English 😉

    Want to know other insights? Stay tuned for more useful info!

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