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    There is a stereotype that women are always on a diet. Okay. We could provide you with an infinite amount of jokes about diets and weight loss, but unfortunately, it’s one of the biggest problems these days. Obesity is quite a wide-spread disease in Europe and the US. 

    It can be easily proven with statistics taken from Google Trends: diet offers are more popular than adult ones (take a closer look at the chart below). On the other hand, we are 100% sure that you have already heard 100 times about Black Latte, EcoSlim and KetoGuru – the top three best dieting offers on the global market. Their popularity means a lot: people want to lose weight despite their age, gender and geo.

    In case you are dreaming of finding a gold mine in the Health & Diet niche, but the stiff competition frightens you because of the abovementioned offers’ popularity, we have an ace for you. 

    What do we have for today?

    Offer: Bentolit

    Vertical: Nutra

    GEO: IT, FR, BG, HU, SK, CZ, RO, CY, GR, DE, AT, PT, ES, PL

    Payout:  $17 – $25

    Target: women aged 30 to 55

    You will be surprised but despite these European healthy lifestyle trends, there are a lot of people fighting against obesity. It means that there, on the European market, the demand for this FANTASTIC WEIGHT LOSS VOLCANIC CLAY is going to be SUPER HIGH. And high demand means… yeah, high profits, you’re right. 

    What is more, the product is ‘green’, made of natural ingredients. In Europe, a product needs to have ‘transparent’ contents because people there are very conscious of this. 

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