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  • Survival Of The Newbies
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    Traffic monetization is a tempting business. It attracts more and more newbies. At the first stage of planning amateurs are full of enthusiasm, though when it comes to a registration in an affiliate network they become disappointed – most of the networks do not accept newbies.

    Why do affiliate managers refuse to accept amateur affiliates? Why can’t affiliate networks give a chance to novices? How to gain own experience if everywhere only mature affiliates are needed? In order to have these questions answered read further.

    Affiliate networks are (unexpectedly!) the part of the service industry. An affiliate network is a platform where its clients (affiliates and advertisers) are served. And the platform’s revenues depend on the intensity of client’s interaction. In order to increase the revenues there should be more clients. The question asks itself: why do affiliate networks refuse to accept affiliate-newbies? None of the existing mature webmasters was born with the profitable schemes in mind. Although, affiliate networks always request confirmation of your experience in the field.

    In order to have clear vision why it happens and what a newbie should do, you need to gain insight into the specificity of the interaction between an affiliate and an affiliate network. The specificity of this interaction entails strictly partnership approach – mutually profitable, based on oral agreement, without any written contract. That means: though a webmaster agrees with the network’s terms and conditions during his registration in the network, still nobody owes him anything.The terms and conditionsthemselves are designed the following way: either a webmaster or an affiliate network can cease their interaction any time and not be obliged by legal obligation. In other words: NOBODY OWES ANYTHING TO ANYONE. Nothing personal,just business.


    Bearing this unsteady condition in mind, imagine how difficult it is for an affiliate network (being a mediator and guarantor at the same time) to carry out its obligations under the agreement between an advertiser and a network. For example, an affiliate network negotiates with an advertiser on the certain volume of leads. But it is difficult to give guaranties on leads since a web master owes nothing either to the network or to the advertiser. At any moment a webmaster can stop sending traffic to the network’s landing pages and transmit the flow to another offer of into another network. The supply is growing on the market and that allows a webmaster to have no obligations and change the networks he works with like a woman changes clothes.


    In order to survive in the area of affiliate marketing a webmaster needs to be flexible. There are always changes in the operational principles of the ad selling platforms, the perfect schemes may not be useful anymore, and offer’s seasonality influences the quality and quantity of the sales. There are not so many types of offers that can bring large amount of money all the time. You need to transform you working approach, as well as traffic sources, offers and banners. It is quite common that webmasters join several affiliate networks at the same time in order to use good opportunities from each of them. The web masters’ race for easy money doesn’t allow him to stick to one and the same affiliate network. So, affiliates chop and change all the time.


    Everynetwork, inturn, alwaysinterestedinnewaffiliates.Every network has a guarantee obligationowed to an advertiserconcerning the quantity of the leads. In this connection, at any time every network has to have a certain group of affiliates who generate leads. Affiliates leave from time to time: some of them have their perfect scheme to become useless, others test a new offer somewhere else; some have lost the money on this or that offer; others moved to another sphere of business. Traffic monetization is an unsteady way to get income. Due to this affiliate networks constantly in need of new affiliates. If there are no new affiliates – the volume is low, the revenues are low and the network is in trouble!


    Why do affiliate networks accept only experienced affiliates? The thing is that nobody wants to raise newbies. Other professions are taught at schools, colleges and universities. But there is no institution to teach how to send and monetize the traffic. Yeah, you can try your luck at hiring a mentor for you, but in most cases it is money down the drain. Raising a newbie in affiliate marketing means raising a webmaster from scratch: a newbie needs to be provided with opportunities, be motivated and be shared the experience of their mature colleague. All this demands extra efforts from the networks’ staff.


    It is quite hurtful when you train an affiliate from scratch, and he right there moves to another network. As it was stated above, an affiliate owes nothing to a network and teaching a newbie is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Sotheresultdoesn’tmatchuptothespentresources.Consequently, affiliate networks accepts mature affiliates who: a) can generate leads right along, b) do not ask dumb questions and c) do not require all the time to pay out their hard earned 50$.


    A newbie asks millions of questions off the subject, demands a successful scheme, asks for help, advice, control check and etc. – though it’s normal. For such cases affiliate managers should be right away. Affiliates with no experience are the main source of problems: a lot of complaints, pretensions, and angry posts in communities.


    To sum up:

    Despite the fact that affiliate marketing is developing as a business and becomes more popular around the world, the procedure of getting an access to the affiliate network for newbies will be the same for the next few years for sure.


    To start working in affiliate marketing from the very beginning it is necessary to find a network which collaborates with beginners. Or you can also try to convince an affiliate manager that you have a required experience and you know how to behave in this business and not to cause any problems.


    Making the first step is always difficult – you doubt a lot, you are afraid of unpredictable future and huge responsibility you are going to endure. Among other things, even affiliate networks sometimes put spokes in a newbies’wheel and demotivate them to start. The beginning of the journey is always the hardest part, but don’t forget that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Who does not make steps is going round in a circle. And who is moving (even slowly) – will achieve incredible results.


    Wish you a lot of traffic and conversions. And thank you for reading.


  • Carlos 22.04.17 at 3:47 pm

    Very inspiring post, as well as clarifying, I also see it necessary for networks to leave space for this type of messages, as is the vision of the network from “inside”, in such a way that newies understand the thought and philosophy of the network. Greetings.

  • Luis 01.02.18 at 10:18 pm

    What you cannot do -in my humble opinion, at least- is asking for screensshots of the earnings from other affiliate networks to the people who apply to adcombo. To make it simple, the info about how much we have earned and from which network affiliate is not your problem…..

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