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  • 27.11.2017

    Reading Time: < 1 minute AdCombo has more and more new publishers every day. We appreciate this interest in our network and therefore decided to make a very simple way of learning our system. Right now, we are launching a new project! It will be a video series about our admin panel, user interface and how you should use them….

  • 14.8.2017

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently, AdCombo has started using a new feature on landing pages – widgets. Today we are going to tell you what it’s made for and how to use it correctly. The main thing you should know about widgets is that it can not only increase conversion but also reduce it to zero if you use…

  • 10.11.2016

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello, publishers. Today we would like to tell you about a new feature in AdCombo System – rotator for offers. The feature is very useful for those who would like to test several offers at the same time using the only one approved creative. We have already written about the ROTATOR tool in general, and…

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