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  • TeslaVision: The Future is Now. Our Intergalactic Journey Ends in Dubai, where a New Era Begins
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    Hey, CPAce travelers!

    Congrats!  On Dec 1st, 2021, 00:00 UTC, we all landed at the endpoint of the TeslaVision Challenge! 🚀

    We are glad to welcome you to the side of a new prosperous era leading to broader horizons of CPA marketing. And we are even more glad to realize that it’s happening due to your achievements.

    Over the past 9.5 months of our universal journey, you have shown yourselves to be strong, adventurous, and skillful traffigators.

    In the struggle for banned campaigns and creatives, you always won and found the best victorious solutions.

    And with your ability to find profitable creative pairs and test various sources, the CPA world will definitely turn into an entire universe. 🌌
    The Universe that will be brimming with previously-unknown possibilities in the niche. Where all daring ideas and plans can be freely implemented to foster innovative approaches to making money online. And we are proud to come into it with you, being around and supporting our affiliates on the way to a revolutionary CPA Future. ☄

    Very soon, we will completely immerse into an advanced CPA reality. Only the most progressive affiliates will be able to proceed with their paths. For that, TOP 50 affiliates will gather among the fiery sands of 🌴 Dubai, at TeslaFest!

    All TOP 50 affiliates are invited to the Party. AdCombo undertakes to provide them with free accommodation at its expense;

    ⚡ TOP 50 affiliates are given guaranteed prizes shortly after the Party starts. TOP 50 affiliates get AirPods Pro, while TOP 5 affiliates get iPhone 13 Pro 128GB and AirPods Pro;

    ⚡ Apart from getting guaranteed prizes, all TOP 50 affiliates participate in the prize draw. To do that, participants must attend the Party themselves or send their representatives;

    ⚡ TOP 50 affiliates’ Elons are converted into chips and put into a raffle drum. The more Elons – the more chances to win a prize!

    ⚡ Each participant of the prize draw can win 1 major prize (a car or money prize) and 1 minor prize. Tesla Model X raffles among the Top-5, Tesla Model 3, $50.000 and minor prizes – among the Top-50. Thus, TOP 5 affiliates take part in both prize draws. 

    TeslaFest starts on Dec 10th, in Dubai. Follow the updates, the location for the most futuristic CPA Party will be revealed soon! 🏝

    The Future isn’t limited by reaching Mars, as AdCombo affiliates are intending to go over several galaxies and transform them to finally say that together we have not just conquered the CPA world – but the Universe! 🌠

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