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  • The first day of the “ChocoLead“ contest has come!
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    Ah, at last! The first day of the “ChocoLead“ contest has come!
    Today our summer chocolate race begins and it will last till the 31st of August. During this month you are to send traffic to our ChocolateSlim offers in order to stand a chance to win your own Mac Book Pro.
    Here is what awaits you in case of success:

    1st – 3000 leads – MAC BOOK PRO

    2nd – 2000 leads – MAC BOOK PRO

    3rd – 1500 leads – MAC BOOK PRO

    4th – 1000 leads – MAC BOOK AIR

    5th – 500 leads – IPAD MINI


    The first one who gets 3000 leads ranks first and takes the 1st place prize. E.g. if you are the second one to get 3000, you are not going to take 1st place prize – you rank second.

    The same scheme relates to another 4 places.


    Nevertheless, all participants benefit anyway – all ChocolateSlim offers are premium: we add +5% to affiliate’s revenue during the time of the contest!

    We also introduce 2 new landings for all geo since our AdCombo Team always tries to give you wider opportunities to earn money.

    From the 1st of August all the following offers are engaged in the contest:

    ID: 3524 Chocolateslim – DE, AT

    ID: 3535 Chocolateslim – FR

    ID: 3536 Chocolateslim – IT

    ID: 3537 Chocolateslim – ES

    ID: 3988 Chocolateslim2 – RO

    ID: 3989 Chocolateslim2 – HU

    It is just enough to send your traffic to the offers listed above; all of them will be taken into account.

    NOTE: we accept and pay only for approved leads (sales). Cancelled leads will not be counted.

    The results will be announced within 30 days of the starting date. The winners can be identified long before the last day of the contest, but we are not going to divulge their names in advance

    Here is the link to the official page of the contest:https://adcombo.com/chocolead

    ChocoLead - AdCombo

    Go for it and good luck!

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