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  • The Money Mission: Save and Rise
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    Searching answers to financial questions on your own can take a lot of time. Without special knowledge, you can lose even earned money. To save your time and budget, we’ve reviewed and listed key expert advice and resources to help you stay afloat even in a storm.

    In the end, you will find a FAQ part with answers to the most popular questions about finance in affiliate marketing.

    Let’s go!

    How to save money?

    Every wealthy person has his/her own story about a long way of saving and increasing funds. Let’s take a look at some advice from the man with 124.5 billion USD on his accounts (April 2022 est.) – Warren Buffett.

    1. Take out loans rarely  

    Buffett’s one-and-only mortgage was spent on a vacation home in 1971. Of course, he could afford to buy a house in California, but wisely managing his funds, he decided to use the extra cash for buying shares in Berkshire Hathaway — the company that brought him billions.

    1. Do not spend money on luxurious restaurants, cars, houses, and brands

    “If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need,” the billionaire says. 

    1. Don’t invest with borrowed money

    Even skilled stock traders will tell you that borrowing money for investing can be risky. There’s a great danger to finally fall into the debt trap.

    1. Use cash, not a credit card

    This advice helps you to prevent spending money you don’t have. Remember that spending most of your available credit limit and delay in your monthly payments damage your credit score.

    1. Do what you love

    “You have to love something to do well at it,” Buffett says, urging people to take the jobs they love.

    Even if you can’t quit your full-time job, you can certainly find the time for some affordable hobbies. This advice will help you to save not only money, but also your mental health.

    We have defined the general financial principles, but the question on the investment  of funds remains open.

    Where to put cash? Fiat currency? Cryptocurrency? Precious metals/jewels, etc.?

    The best solution is to divide your funds into different currencies, accounts, banks, and wallets, and cash out some money. In case of any legislation changes, the bankruptcy of a bank or changes in metals prices, etc., you won’t lose all your funds at once. 

    How to increase funds?

    Before something can be saved, it must be earned first.

    Affiliate marketing is a way of moneymaking where hard work and ingenuity are rewarded. At the same time, it’s crucial to get in at the right time and with the right GEO.

    Here are some tips by our experts from AdCombo’s BizDev department.

    1. GEO with low competition

    In many GEOs in LATAM, the price for traffic has increased. Therefore, many money-makers left it for other GEOs. In Chile, Panama, Uruguay, Guatemala, and Paraguay (ask your manager for the full list of GEOs), competition has significantly decreased. What is good about it? Purchasing power remains in Chile, and the payout rates for the offers there have been increased. In addition, these GEOs have whitehat products (for example, 33686 Money Amulet – CL or 29955 Power Factory Saver – PY). Such offers are especially good for junior affiliates. 

    1. Try new verticals

    Offers that aren’t so popular among affiliates can give surprisingly good results! That’s what happened with a liver supplement. While a lot of affiliates were launching their campaigns with potency and parasite offers, someone earned a lot of money with the liver supplement offer. Conclusion: it’s better to go against the current and look for a profit in another place. 

    1. Cryptocurrency trend

    When economics of different countries are unsteady, cryptocurrencies turn out to be in great demand. People try to master crypto even if they have never dealt with it before. By the way, we provide payments in crypto, see more info below.

    Of course, there are different ways to earn money, not only withCPA marketing. Purchasing shares and bonds is one more widespread option. 

    We want to advise you not to buy everything that has fallen in price hoping to  get rich soon. Perhaps someone will succeed, but it will be a unique case. It’s better to thoughtfully develop a personal investment strategy.

    📚 The books that can give you insights:

    1. “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham
    2. “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman.
    3. “Warren Buffett Speaks” by Janet Lowe
    4. “The investor’s manifesto” by William J. Bernstein 

    🎙And podcasts

    1. The Knowledge Project 
    2. TedTalks Business
    3. Entrepreneur stories
    4. The Tim Ferris Show

    When buying securities, follow the same logic as in keeping money in bank accounts. You’d  better divide the funds between different companies with different rates of return and a different government share. This will allow you to sleep peacefully at night, even if one part of your funds has temporarily dipped in price. In addition, the higher the return, the greater the risk. Don’t forget about it.

    Planning, calmness, and constant learning are the keys to success!


    We hope you’ve got better at the basics of financial literacy now. So let’s turn to your questions to which you’ve been searching for answers. 

    Q #1: How much money do you need to start in CPA marketing?

    That’s very individual. You need to be ready to spend all your ad budget (if you’re lucky enough, you will return a part of it soon). According to the average recommendations, affiliates need to have $500 – $1000 at the start. If you join a team, then many of your expenses will be covered by the team’s budget, which is especially good for beginners.

    Q #2: Why does the money get into the hold? How long does it take?

    The hold is a necessary measure that protects a CPA network, an advertiser, and an affiliate from fraud. During this time, we check the quality of the received leads. The first payment is kept on hold from 1 week to 1 month (depends on the offer). Later, the hold period can be reduced (but not completely canceled) if the affiliate gains the reputation as a reliable partner.

    Q #3: How do AdCombo partners withdraw money?

    We have the following ways available:

    💵 Payoneer

    💵 WebMoney

    💵 Paypal

    💵 Wire 

    💵 Paxum

    💵 Epayservice

    💵 Capitalist

    💵 USDT (Ethereum и TRON).

    Q #4: And if I want to receive a payment in cryptocurrency?

    You have two possible ways:

    1) If you want to save money, you can use a cryptocurrency wallet, you can read more about it here.

    2) If you want to exchange crypto immediately for cash, then you need to use the nearest exchanger.

    *At AdCombo, we make payouts in USDT via the TRX Tron and ETH Ethereum networks.

    Q #5: What are ERC20 and TRC20?

    Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin. It means cryptocurrency with a pegged market value to some external reference (like fiat money or precious metals). All Tether tokens are pegged in 1-to-1 ratio to USD. For the convenience of users, the equivalents of this cryptocurrency exist in different networks.

    TRC20 refers to USDT and was issued in the TRON network in 2020. ERC20 refers to USDT too and was issued in the Ethereum network. They are both identical, but fees can often be cheaper when using TRC20. However, it is better to specify the fees additionally regarding a case.

    In this long-read, we’ve considered both the basics of financial literacy in general and answered some of your questions within the financial field of CPA marketing. If you didn’t find the answer to your question, ask it in the comments.

    We’re always happy to promptly provide you with the necessary information that promotes saving and increase of your funds! 



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