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  • Traffic Drill: On Dec 1st, TOP Aff Sheikhs Are Picked for TeslaFest!
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    Hey there!

    Are you actively collecting 🛢Traffic Barrels in the Traffic Drill Challenge, but not sure whether you’re already in the Top-3? No need to guess!

    On 01/12 we’re going to pick Top 3 Aff Sheikhs of the Challenge and contact them, so that they’ll join the hottest and most awaited party of the year – TeslaFest!

    And for those of you, who just want to take their prizes, the rules remain the same.

    Until 10/12 you can convert your 🛢🛢🛢 into a prize (or more!) and please yourself for Christmas!

    You can find the full list of prizes on the 👉 Challenge’s page. Take your chance to launch a campaign in a region with low competition.

    Good luck! 😉

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