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  • Which hosting server works best for affiliate marketing?
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    Let’s talk about the most basic thing of every affiliate marketing campaign – web hosting services. No matter if you are planning on building your own website, or if you’ve just downloaded one of AdCombo’s landing pages – you need web hosting to HOST your website and a domain name. Basically, web hosting is part of the server which has the interface and all necessary tools to operate the website. 

    Right now there are 3 types of web hosting available in the market: 

    • Shared hosting
    • Dedicated hosting 
    • VPS

    Shared hosting

    It’s the most common type of web hosting platform, where one server is used by several clients. Because of that, there is limited space per one client. Also, because IP addresses are shared among several clients, in case one of them is  banned by Facebook or Google, so will the others. 


    • Low price; 
    • Beginner-friendly and easy to set up. 


    • Limited amount of OS that can be used; 
    • Limited scalability;
    • Privacy. 

    Monthly plan price range: from $2 to $15 

    Dedicated server 

    It’s a physical server which has only your website on it. Thanks to that you have unlimited settings options, for example, you can choose your own OS. It’s a perfect solution for affiliate marketing teams with complex projects and tons of traffic coming every day. 


    • You are your own boss;
    • Scalability;
    • Data security.


    • High price;
    • Advanced skills are needed for the correct setup.

    Monthly plan price range: from $100 to $500

    VPS hosting

    This is a trade-off solution. Physically there is one server but it is divided into several virtual machines.


    • You can install your own OS;
    • Almost no limits. You can have as many websites and domain regions as you want; 
    • Autonomy. Other clients don’t influence your website. 


    • Still advanced skills are needed; 
    • A bit expensive. 

    Monthly plan price range: from  $20 to $100

    But this is just theory.  Now, we want to provide you with live data. So, we went even further in our research and sent a questionnaire with 3 questions in it to our top affiliates while preparing this article for you. Here is the combined data of the answers we’ve received:

    Q1: What is important for you when choosing a hosting web hosting service? 

    Q2: Which web hosting provider you use when running AdCombo’s offers?

    Q3: Which services do you use to register your domain name? 

    Also, many of our top affiliates recommend creating an account in the .com domain zone.  

    Taking into account the answers above, let’s take a look at the
    most popular hosting providers and see what they offer. 

    Digital Ocean 

    One of the most popular hosting services (VPS hosting).


    • Has an amazing uptime of 99.99%, when the industry average is 99.94%.
    • Can reach an incredible speed of 218ms, when the industry average is 890ms. 
    • Customisable pricing. You are able to customise storage, cpu usage, database, etc.
    • Daily backups. You can always restore any data for the previous 7 days.


    • No 24/7 support. You should go to their website and open a support ticket. 
    • Too many pricing options, which can be difficult for beginners. 


    Will be a great option for those who are running campaigns in Europe, since servers are located in Germany (Dedicated servers + VPS hosting).


    • Price. For the VPS the price will be from €1.85 to €19.40 monthly depending on how many additional options you will choose; 
    • Great uptime of 99.96%;
    • Beginner-friendly. Set up is easy and straightforward.


    • Adult materials can be considered as unacceptable; 
    • No 24/7 support;
    • Servers are available only in Germany.


    (Dedicated server + VPS hosting)


    • Has 16 servers around the world; 
    • Low price. There are plans starting from $2.5;
    • Easy to use interface. You can easily choose the OS for your server and some common apps to install.


    • Requires some advanced skills for setting up and choosing proper options; 
    • Not very good support. You can find many reviews where people say that the support team is not very professional. 

    In conclusion, we are not going to recommend one ultimate hosting solution to you. Just have a look at the data we’ve gathered for you and decide on your own which web hosting provider will fit your work with affiliate marketing best.

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