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  • Wrong translations killing your conversions
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    Today we are going to focus on affiliate networks and the way they treat their publishers. But before that, let us point out that we do not aim at discrediting someone but rather refer to the problem that we all put aside.

    You are certainly aware of such pictures of translations that went wrong.

    Maybe some of them will even have you rolling on the floor laughing. But what if we tell you that your prelanders and landing pages are translated the same way

    Ad networks are constantly releasing new offers but the translation quality does not always conform to the language standards. In most cases, these translations are unchecked. So, this fact leads to the widespread decline in the quality of landing pages. Affiliate networks provide publishers with translations they have without any corrections. Publishers, in turn, relying on them do no translations on their own. Every native speaker will consider such texts to be gibberish. You all know that the quality of the texts on your landing pages affects your conversions greatly. 

    Not convinced enough yet?

    Well, then let’s turn to the experts’ opinion. 

    99wwords is a translation service, which has been specializing in the adaptation of texts for CPA-marketing needs for four years already. They offer quick and high-quality translations in many languages.

    We asked them to go through randomly chosen prelanders and landing pages. Linguists from Hungary, Spain, and France analyzed the contents of these pages and provided us with the following results:


    We intentionally do not provide any links to the landing pages so as not to provoke any aggression from the network to which it belongs. Such examples are to a greater or lesser extent found in any affiliate network*. Let’s take a look.

    As we can see, the translator highlighted a huge number of errors in the text. This is indeed an unfortunate result.  


    The second native speaker from France claims that the content of the Chocolate Slim lander is an unreadable gibberish:


    To sum it all up

    The only way to solve this widespread problem is to pay attention to your translations. Experienced publishers use the services of translation agencies or order proofreadings via outsourcing and they no longer rely on creatives from their ad networks. But not everyone can afford it. High-quality translation services are very expensive for such volumes.

    The service 99wwords provides a competent translation and proofreading, done by qualified linguists. One of the top features is the price of 6 cents per word. For large volumes of translations they promise a discount. 

    This translation service is integrated into the AdCombo platform, so you can order texts there. However, please note that this method will take much longer because everything will be done through your AM. Therefore, it is better to contact 99wwords directly:

    Skype: mikht-sophie, mariya.sakulina

    Telegram: @soph116 , @mariya_sakulina

    That’s it! Keep an eye on what is written on your landing pages, otherwise you won’t get many conversions and hence profit. 

    * We do not claim that our landers are perfect but we try to participate in solving this global problem.

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