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  • Reducing Trash Orders in Latin America with the Hints by Advertiser
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    Want to be a profit-catcher, but some of your orders keep flying to the Trash statistics column?

    To reduce such unpleasant situations, we’re sharing the post that has been co-created with our trusted advertiser in Latin America.

    Taking Peru as an example, he explains the structure of the country’s administrative units that will help you fine-tune your targeting, along with one of the main problems of Trash orders: wrong numbers. Spoiler: He also advises on how to avoid this.

    The content will be especially useful for those who create landing pages on their own and drive traffic to offers in Peru yet get confused by the targeting. It also will be surely useful for those who are in search of a new converting GEO for Nutra.

    Enjoy the post and hold a Peruvian profit-bird tighter! 

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