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  • Facebook Updated the Messenger API to Support Communication across Instagram
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    Recently, Facebook has updated its Messenger API to allow entrepreneurs to manage their business communications with customers on Instagram apart from communicating with them on Facebook Messenger.

    Statistics show that in most cases CR is much higher when users interact with an offer within a social media network avoiding redirection to a landing page.

    From the moment on, Facebook makes it possible for businesses to:

    • integrate Instagram messaging with business apps: for instance, support managers will be able to mind a customer’s loyalty information from a CRM database when responding to him;

    • manage messages throughout the Instagram page – Profile, Shops, and Stories;

    • improve customer experience thanks to so-called “chatbots”: customers will be able to get automatic answers for frequently asked questions from custom chatbots and have the option of being connected to live support by them if needed. 

    What benefits for affiliate marketers will the new update bring?

    The new update enables customers to experience more quality and personalized conversation with a seller that will make them more satisfied and loyal toward the product.
    The most engaging part of the update is the chatbots implementation. They can react more immediately and drive the outcome of an affiliate’s campaign to a new level as a result. 

    At present, the new API Support for Instagram is in beta being available to some brands only. 

    Anyway, you have a chance to get on the waitlist to request access to the API after beta tests. 

    Wish you a tide of loyal leads! 

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