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  • AdCombo platform presents a new feature – Multiwallet assets.
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    “There are some things money can’t buy. But for everything else there’s … multiwallet.”

    Creating new accounts in order to use different wallets is an outdated thing since it is time-consuming. To make your life less complicated, we’ve released this update.  

    The ability to add multiple wallets is now available for Epayments, Epayservice and WebMoney payment systems.

    Let’s say a publisher has added two Epayments wallets. When he creates a request to withdraw money, he is now able to choose either of the two wallets.

    Long story short, let’s see how it works.

    Go to the AdCombo website -> ‘Payment settings’ ->

    Select the tab with the desired payment system -> Here you can add a new wallet (for Epayservice – currency and a comment). This comment helps to identify this wallet among the others (because their IDs look the same) when withdrawing your money. 

    Then re-check the wallet details and click to save your wallet. 

    To add a new wallet of the same payment system, click

    You will see the number of fields to fill in.

    Now when creating a request for withdrawal of money, you can choose among the added wallets for the selected payment system.

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