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  • Money Amulet for Europe
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    Today we are glad to present our next offer which was given a second life. An offer which was quite a success in Asia and now it is rolling out into the European market. Please welcome Money Amulet!

    Few words about this offer (product):

    As it is claimed on landing pages Money Amulets were created by ancient monks/witches/elves/dwarves… you name it. And you, my dear customer, have a unique opportunity to buy one of those amulets for a symbolic price of just a few euros. Those amulets will not only give you +1000 points in luck but also they are great for increasing your libido. As always, this is an ultimate cure for all diseases, my friends!

    Why Europe?

    Originally Money Amulet offer was launched for Thailand and there was a pretty good approval rate of 40%. So, our affiliates started asking their AMs to make this offer available in other regions either. As you might already know AdCombo is a client-oriented company… So we couldn’t resist. And here we go – Money Amulet for European countries!

    Let’s see why they are particularly good for all that esoteric stuff.

    According to a study conducted in 2017 among citizens of Central and Eastern European countries roughly 1 out of 2 citizens believes in miracles. The survey also finds that many respondents across the region hold beliefs that magic, sorcery or witchcraft can influence people’s lives. Cool?

    Second, there is also another article from The Telegraph claiming that Italians spend £5 billion a year on fortune tellers and astrology. “Italians are very susceptible to trying their luck on anything esoteric and they’re extremely superstitious” said Carlo Climati, who wrote a book on superstitious beliefs.

    Now that you know all those interesting facts and statistics I hope you understand that Europe is a gold mine for esoteric offers and with Money Amulet all gold can be yours. So, don’t waste your time! Go and grab it! AdCombo’s mailing list is quite long and our blog is quite popular.



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