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  • Hot country – hot tips!
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    Christmas has already passed and New Year is just around the corner. But AdCombo has got a gift for you between the holidays 😉

    We are glad to present you a pack of hot Brazil offers! And not only the offers but all the tips and statistics we have collected. This little bonus gives you way more chances to get a good profit if you use it right 😉

    So, we will post 2 different reviews at different groups of Brazil offers for the next 2 days. And we begin with the Adult offers. Check them out:

    What can we say about the target audience? As you can see, there are not only products for men but also for women. Obviously, women will not buy men products, and vice versa. The consumers’ ages range from 30 to 60. By the way, the people who buy those products are usually married or at least dating someone (which makes sense, actually).

    After analyzing all the options, our team has chosen the most profitable traffic sources. So we came up with all sorts of adult traffic, Facebook Ads (using cloaking, of course) and Google Ads (SEO). Also, we found out that the best time for running the offers is from Monday to Thursday from 9AM to 6PM (Sao Paulo time).

    Speaking of the best landers and pre-landers – you are free to choose your own combo but our team has tested all the options, searching for the best one. Basically, the “Best Creative Pair” award goes to «JORNAL DA CAPITAL». Note it well 😉

    Those offers are in VIP, so we recommend you to hurry up – request approval, set up campaigns using our tips and get your profit! You know that the ones who try new offers first have more chances to make a good profit 🙂

    Stay tuned – another review is coming tomorrow and there will be some cool tips for those who run Diet&Fitness offers 😉

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