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  • Internet usage in Bulgaria
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    Hello publishers!

    Have you tested our super convertible nutra offers for Bulgaria? If not, it is high time to start doing it. And we’re going to help you – we’ll present you the needed statistics on Internet usage in Bulgaria. It always takes us some time to gather carefully all the useful information for you – Internet marketing ninjas. That is why we really hope that this information will help you a lot in running your campaign for Bulgaria.

    General overview

    •         Population of Bulgaria is approximately 7,150,000
    •         Official Language is Bulgarian 76.9%
    •         Other languages: Turkish 8.2%, Roma 3.8%, other 0.7%, unspecified 10.5%
    •         Ethnic groups are Bulgarian 76.9%, Turkish 8%, Roma 4.4%, other 0.7% (including Russian, Armenian, and Vlach), other (unknown) 10%


    Internet usage

    The number of Internet users in Bulgaria is approximately 4,150,000

    Internet speed:

    •         Average Latency: 97 ms
    •         Average Download: 26.44 Mbps
    •         Average Upload: 12.83 Mbps


    Top 10 websites in Bulgaria are:


    Let’s have a look how often people in Bulgaria access the Internet:



    For your convenience and for visual clarity we have created multicolored diagrams showing various stats:








    Social media usage



    Since Facebook is the most popular social media network according to statistics, let’s analyze it more thoroughly:





    Top 5 shopping websites in Bulgaria:


    Common online purchases are:

    •         sporting and outdoor goods
    •         apparel
    •         home appliances
    •         hotel/travel reservations/tickets
    •         food
    •         electronic equipment
    •         computer hardware
    •         telecommunication services
    •         books

    The majority of online consumers in Bulgaria prefer paying with cash on delivery (COD) which is considered the most popular payment method in Bulgaria. Also popular: credit cards (20%) and ePay/EasyPay (5-10%).

    Online stores in Bulgaria

    •         eMag (a wide range of goods – consumer electronics, fashion, toys and etc)
    •         FashionDays (clothes)
    •         Technomarket and Technopolis (electronics)
    •         VMzona, Gift.bg and Get.bg (gifts and accessories)
    •         Store.bg, Helikon.bg, and Ozone.bg (books)
    •         Miniprix, Koketna and MyMall (a wide range of goods)

    Mobile providers

    1 Mtel

    2 Telenor (Formerly Globul)

    3 Vivacom (Formerly vivatel)

    4 MAX (Formerly Max Telecom)

    5 Bulsatcom



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