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    Hello colleagues,

    Today we would like to present you some statistical data related to the Internet usage in Turkey. We have decided to cover some important aspects, since we believe that this information will help you in running your campaigns.

    We are going to post this section “International Market research” on a weekly basis, so you will be guided by the member of our Super Team – TrafficMan Alex. Since he is responsible for Traffic, he is the one who investigates new horizons, opens new GEOs, and finds new opportunities to send traffic to.



    • The total population of Turkey is approximately 80,000,000 people
    • The number of Internet users in Turkey is 46,196,720 (2016*)
    • Turkey Demographics Profile (2016*):


    • The official language as you may guess is Turkish and it is most spoken. There are also some minor languages which are Kurdish, Arabic and Circassian. Very few people speak Greek, Armenian and Judezmo, a Romance language spoken by Jews.


    • As for the foreign languages spoken by Turkish people, here they are:


    *In general, the average number of people who can speak foreign languages is rather low across the country.



    Now let’s overview more detailed information relevant to our topic.

    • Turkey average Internet speed: 7.7 Mbps
    • Turkey average download speed: 5.1 Mbps

    Top search engines:


    Top websites:


    Web browsers market share:


    Social media usage:

    Social media is extremely popular with Turkish Internet users. The first place is taken by Facebook, and then comes Twitter.


    Especially for Social Media Marketers we would like to highlight the following information.

    People in Turkey use social media for reading news, entertainment purposes, sports, and lifestyle as well as following personalities.

    Most popular Twitter accounts in Turkey:

    • CemYılmaz (9.94 million followers)
    • President RecepTayyipErdoğan (7.1 million followers)
    • The football team GalatasaraySporKulübü (5.8 million followers)

    Most popular Facebook accounts in Turkey:

    • The football team Fenerbahçe
    • Actress BerenSaat
    • The football playerArdaTuran
    • The TV show ArkadaşımHoşgeldin

    As for the converting types of traffic, according to AdCombo System, they are:

    • mobile 80%
    • desktop 17%
    • tablet 3%

    Those of you, who work predominantly with mobile traffic, please, note that the most popular mobile operators are:

    • Turkcell
    • Vodafone
    • Avea (Türk Telekom)

    As for the Operating Systems used by people in Turkey, we can be absolutely sure that Android is the most popular one. Let us see the whole statistics, according to AdCombo System:

    • Android – 60%
    • iOS– 20%
    • Windows 7 – 10%
    • Windows 10– 4%
    • Mac OS X– 2%
    • Windows 8.1– 1%
    • Windows XP – 1%
    • Windows Phone–1%
    • Windows 8 – 0.5%
    • Linux – 0.5%


    So what do you think, guys? Is Turkish market worth sending some traffic to? Did you find the tips useful? Please, share your opinion with us.

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