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  • MATCHA SLIM: New Organic Offer that Rides the Profit Wave
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    Kon’nichi wa, friends!

    It’s high time to make your thoughts clear and the wallet – heavier.

    Waiting for a fresh yet trendy Nutra offer? Here it comes!

    Salute the brand-new green offer – Matcha Slim!

    We bet you’ve heard about the famous Japanese Matcha Tea that has already gained its popularity around the world.  Matcha Slim is the new dietary version of it that has high chances to share the popularity of the original matcha drink. 

    Let’s get to the brief profile of Matcha Slim:

    Vertical: Diet & Weight loss

    GEOs: IE, GB, CZ, PL, BG, HU, SK, FR, PT, CY, GR, DE, AT, IT, and ES 

    Payouts: $23-32

    Product info: an organic detoxifying dietary supplement that boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite, fills up with the energy, normalizes the cholesterol level, and promotes relaxation. It’s a powder that should be dissolved in water 1 time a day. 

    Advantages that will fuel clients’ interest:

    1. Matcha-based supplement. Almost everyone loves matcha or at least favors it. There are plenty of articles highlighting the benefits of drinking this healthful beverage. Besides being tasty, matcha is rich in antioxidants, and has a beneficial impact on human health as it protects the liver, enhances brain function, prevents cancer and heart diseases. What’s more, matcha has gained its extra popularity thanks to its key feature – weight loss promotion; 

    2. Trendy Ingredients. Apart from having the same properties as original matcha, Matcha Slim contains the famous and beloved by many dieters superfood – spirulina. Also, taurine and some natural extracts such as grapefruit extract are a part of the ingredient list. There is also a complex of vital vitamins and microelements that make Matcha health-friendly that is a very important point for those going through a hard weight-loss period;

    3. Taste and simplicity. Considering the popularity of the related dietary supplements such as Green Coffee, Chocolate Slim, and Black Latte, we’ve noticed one interesting yet obvious thing: people are keen on shedding pounds while enjoying tasty drinks they really like. It’s no secret that dieters are always in search of something that can facilitate the rapid loss of weight and, as a bonus, bring joy and cause no suffering. 

    Btw, we at AdCombo have already tried Matcha Slim, and we can confidently state that it’s so yummy! 

    Target audience: 

    European females (mostly) and males aged 18-50 that have excess weight, fatigue syndrome, and a high cholesterol level. 

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    And now we’d like to reveal a little secret – the payouts for Matcha Slim are going to be much higher compared to those for other dietary supplements. 

    Don’t wait too long to feel the sweet taste of Matcha green flow!

    Ping your manager to start right now!


  • Joe Hole 30.09.20 at 8:16 pm

    Fucking awesome!

    • Victoria AdCombo (PR) 01.10.20 at 11:33 am

      Hell yeah! (:laughing:)

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