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  • Nutra Is the New Oil: How to Make Great Profits With Saudi Arabia
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    Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? Saudi Arabia is a young, but very prospective market. The first thing you need to know about the Arabian market is that the competition level is rather low there. However, the prospects of working with Middle Eastern countries often evoke associations with numerous religious and cultural stereotypes of the Arab countries, which does not make it easier to work with the Middle Eastern market, but, and, require a lot of time and effort to be spent before launching a campaign. 

    If you’re ready to broaden your horizons and not afraid of conquering a new GEO, we advise you to read this article up to the end. There is a bonus hidden in this article – don’t miss a chance to find the profitable creative pairs

    Let’s go.

    Here is some basic wiki info about Saudi Arabia:

    Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a country in Western Asia constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. 

    Official language: Arabic 

    Population: 34 218 169 

    Currency: Saudi Riyal 

    Religion: Sunni Islam 

    Average age: 30 years

    Now let’s go on to learn the key features and specifics of marketing in Saudi Arabia you need to know in order not to spoil the whole campaign at the initial stages. 

    First, it is worth noting the high online activity of the Saudis.
    Let’s see the statistics on the E-commerce market and online shopping.

    All Arab countries are distinguished by their reverent attitude towards religion. Here comes the first main advice: get acknowledged with cultural and religious aspects and nuances of the GEO. This rule concerns any other Middle-Eastern destination). For example, advertisements on the East market often refer to the inherent Eastern cultural values: collectivism, spirituality, religiosity, the cult of nature, respect for ancestors, and older generations.

    When working with Saudi Arabia, it is worth adhering to the following simple, but very important rules:

    1. Use the culture-oriented strategy when designing your creative materials.

    2. Avoid pics and inscriptions that can insult the values of the Muslim religion. Do not use the green color as it is considered to be “the holy color of the prophets” and pics of dogs as they are considered to be “dirty animals”. References to the supernatural can be interpreted as equating God, as well as the words “create” and “greatest” – can be used only to describe something relating to God. 

    3. Use images of Arab people in your creatives. But do it carefully: remember that they should be dressed, not naked:  nudity is strictly prohibited to use in advertisements in Saudi Arabia. The only parts of the body that can be depicted uncovered in creatives are face, hands, and feet. By the way, if you run a weight-loss ad campaign, it’s allowed to show images of the waist, but without erotic context.

    4. The best creative with high CR is made in the native language of the GEO – it’s an axiom. Localize prelanders, landing pages, and creatives in Arabic – it is easy to do with the built-in translation service in AdCombo. 

    5. Provide accurate information about a product and its USPs. Be sure to show the product itself and state a result of its use – this will increase the level of trust of a would-be customer.

    6. And do not forget to consult with your manager about the features of a certain offer and a GEO – he/she can always give you some valuable advice.

    The Arabic market is diverse, but nutra offers are always in high demand, specifically among women. Separately it is worth mentioning the popularity of weight-loss treatments – they are even more popular than beauty products. Why? Influenced by westernization and urbanization, food and lifestyle habits of the local population in Saudi Arabia have changed over the past few decades.
    According to the IMARC Group research, in 2019, the market for weight-loss goods and services in Saudi Arabia was estimated by $ 1.180 million. In Saudi Arabia, this niche is expanding significantly due to the growing rates of obesity among the population of the country. According to the official statistics for 2019, over 40% of Saudis are obese. Most cases are caused by low levels of physical activity and inappropriate eating habits. Currently, the country has one of the highest obesity rates in the world, with the prevalence of obesity among women than men.

    Rare CPA network can offer such a lucrative, profitable, and high-converting exotic GEO as Saudi Arabia. We at AdCombo have something to offer to you with attractive payouts: 

    Offers (Health & Beauty, Diet)

    24992 Keto Guru – SA – diet

    22435 Flekosteel – SA – joint health

    22259 Black Latte – SA – diet

    9462 Goji cream – SA – skin

    Payouts: $17.5

    And here’s the bonus! Take a look at these profitable, high-converting creative pairs:

    Requirements: no local celebs on creatives, prelanders, and landing pages. 

    Target audience: men and women aged 15 to 64. 

    Reasons to work with nutra offers in Saudi Arabia: Arabs pay very much attention to self-care. It concerns both men and women. Moreover, the dry and hot climate forces them to take special care of the body and skin. 

    Financial state: Saudis are wealthy. Recently, the employment rate among women has been increasing, consequently, they also have a stable income. Saudi women love to take care of themselves and, according to statistics, spend around $3,800 on beauty products annually.

    Preferences: youngsters tend to take care of themselves opting for products that have a beneficial effect not only on beauty but also contribute to the overall health of the body. The Saudis prefer natural ingredients. Products marked “Halal” are especially popular since such products are manufactured in compliance with all necessary Islam requirements.

    Traffic sources: Arabs are socially active. Every day they spend much time on the Net surfing through social networks and news sites. Regarding SimilarWeb statistics from July 2020, the leading traffic sources in Saudi Arabia are popular social networks: Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, among the top 20 traffic sources, you can find sites rated 18+ (but that’s another story for a separate article;)). Mobile traffic is the most prevailing type of traffic among the other ones.

    And, finally, conclusions: The Saudi Arabian market is prospective and profitable. However, it is worth remembering that the challenge of launching campaigns for this GEO  must be taken with special scrupulousness, checking every element on a creative to be in compliance with all the nuances we have discussed in this article. But your effort will definitely pay off.

    Let traffic running turn into a profitable Arabic fairy tale for you!

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