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  • 25.8.2020

    Reading Time: 5 minutes All Arab countries are distinguished by their reverent attitude towards religion. Here comes the first main advice: get acknowledged with cultural and religious aspects and nuances of the GEO. This rule concerns any other Middle-Eastern destination). For example, advertisements on the East market often refer to the inherent Eastern cultural values: collectivism, spirituality, religiosity, the…

  • 03.8.2020

    Reading Time: 5 minutes

  • 31.7.2020

    Reading Time: < 1 minute We have some important news for you, guys.  We’re extending the Posh’n’Porsche Challenge until Nov 30, 2020. Quite a few of your favorite offers and  GEOs were stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we have the global economy adapting and your profits growing back. It’s finally enjoyable to compete again, so let’s enjoy it…

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