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  • Payout Bumps in Egypt for Facebook traffic
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    Crossed more than one sea of traffic, explored tropical lead islands and entered GEOs not marked on the affiliate map?

    Then you definitely won’t be able to rush by our news!

    We’re providing payout bumps in Egypt for those who’re working with Facebook traffic:

    Joints [35150] iavomasaga Gel – EG

    Diet [34292] Psyllium – EG

    Enlargement [37695] Xtra-man Cream – EG

    Potency [37735] Ginseng – EG

    Here is your way to the pyramids with treasured leads! We’re sharing information on the target audience by our advertiser:

    46.2 million users in Egypt are social media lovers, representing 41.4% of the country’s total population. 42 million users use Facebook, and Facebook Messenger ads reach 33% of the platform’s users.

    Egyptians more often access the Internet using mobile phones – 71.3% and only 29% –  using desktops.

    Ready to become a successful lead hunter in Egypt?

    Then forward this post to your manager if your traffic source is Facebook and grab increased payouts for the offers above!

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