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    No mistakes, No profit”

    Quite fair, isn’t it?  Nevertheless, AdCombo wants to pave the unimpeded way towards success for its affiliates. 🙏

    Therefore, we would like to make you aware of the most common mistakes in affiliate marketing in order to avoid them in future:

    ➡️ Ignoring the tests

    Even if there was a Nobel Prize winner in CPA marketing, they would not be able to launch a super-profitable first-time campaign without testing creatives, landing pages, traffic sources, etc. For example, speaking of creatives: a woman from LATAM and a man from Senegal will perceive the same image completely differently. By the way, the target audience is also a very important object of testing itself.

    ➡️ Clichéd case studies

    Remember: a blind copy-paste is not the key to success. You can read case studies, get inspired, use tips and advice, but with time promos and creatives get old and customers get bored. Original approach and willingness to try something new  – these are the real pillars of professional growth!

    But still, if you need a dose of CPA inspiration, you can always read cool case studies from AdCombo affiliates:
    How to Make $10,000 Profit on Facebook and Rank in the Top-5 in AdCombo

    How to get ROI 200% with skin on FB Ads

    Diet + FB + Mexico = $12.000

    Hypertension in Chile with profit of $4000

    Scale $ on diet with Google Ads!

    First campaign & $2500 profit

    ➡️ Absence of communication with your Affiliate Manager

    To be a lone wolf can be cool, but not in affiliate marketing, especially when it comes to cooperation with your personal manager. In fact, they are the guardian angels of your profit who solve technical problems and negotiate bumps. 

    Moreover, Affiliate manager has the access to the latest information about products and promotions as well as the most relevant industry experience.

    For example, AdCombo managers are real mentors for their affiliates and are always ready to provide them with comprehensive support!

    ➡️ Improper budget execution

    Do not spend all your money in one day or on one campaign! We advise you to plan your budget as responsibly as possible, and also read more about such economic definitions as: customer conversion funnel, conversion rate of leads, ROI, etc. All in all, you need to prepare for running a campaign! By the way, it is highly recommendable to ask your Affiliate Manager for a piece of financial advice. 

    ➡️ Picking the wrong offers

    If you choose too “simple” offer to run traffic on, high competition leaves little chance of getting a big profit. On the other hand, if the offer is rare, no one knows whether there is potential of making profit with it. In both cases, a high level of creativity, effort and skill is required, but there are very few guarantees of achieving success.

    It’s okay to make mistakes! Believe in yourself, read the latest materials from AdCombo and become a real pro of CPA marketing! 🎆

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