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  • Porsche Challenge: Get Ready For the Final Race
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    Hey ho, aff racers!

    You’ve been doing very well during these 9 months! Now, get ready to hit the final straight as this is the last month of the Challenge – it ends on Dec 1, 2020, 00:00 UTC

    Before we reach this point, let’s have a 3-laps race to warm up for the Final Round!

    1,2,3…Steady? Go!

    Table of Contents

    Lap 1

    Do you remember the items on the prize list? Check yourselves right now (swipe the pic to see the right answer)!

    1. 2 major prizes of the prize draw are:

    2. Which of these minor prizes are stated on the list?

    3. We also have 100% guaranteed prizes for the TOP-5 and TOP-50 affiliates. Which ones are they?

    Done! Hope you completed this lap successfully! To see the full Posh’n’Porsche prize list, drive on this link

    We’re moving forward!

    Lap 2

    Now try your best to keep your course as there’s exciting stuff coming your way!

    Here is an extraordinary surprise from us: all the participants ranked TOP 51-100 will be eligible to take part in our prizewinning sweepstake!

    5 winners will be granted an invitation to the Final Party!!! This party will not just be the best event that you’ve ever been to, but also the perfect place to mingle with the TOPs of our CPA world. And you know how valuable these connections can be.

    Follow our news not to miss the deets!  

    Lap 3

    Time to fuel up! Pick up the most powerful offers to push you through the rest of the Challenge! Exploit your traffic opportunities to the max and be the first to cross the Finish Line!

    We’re always by your side: in recent months, we’ve opened new SMASHING offers –
    Matcha Slim & Rhino Gold Gel, new GEOs, and have increased payouts for a bunch of offers you’ve been driving traffic to!  

    That’s more coming.  Keep in touch and let us know when you just need a little push 😉 

    Now you’re all warmed up. Speed up, watch out for updates, and remember: the finish line is closer than it appears!

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