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    The demand for male enhancement products is always high since most guys believe that there is always room for improvement. To keep up with the market we constantly update our male enhancement product line with new offers. A year ago we introduced Maral Gel. Now it’s time to welcome our new star –  Rhino Gold Gel


    Offer  GEO PAYOUT
    29165 – Rhino Gold Gel FR $20
    29274 – Rhino Gold Gel IE $25
    29273 – Rhino Gold Gel GB $25
    29275 – Rhino Gold Gel CZ $24
    29170 – Rhino Gold Gel PL $22
    29169 – Rhino Gold Gel BG $22.5
    29168 – Rhino Gold Gel HU $22.5
    29166 – Rhino Gold Gel SK $25
    29164 – Rhino Gold Gel PT $25
    28589 – Rhino Gold Gel IT $29.5
    28588 – Rhino Gold Gel CY, GR $23.5
    28587 – Rhino Gold Gel ES $28
    28586 – Rhino Gold Gel DE, AT $29.5
    28437 – Rhino Gold Gel TW $20
    28436 – Rhino Gold Gel CN $15

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    The product design team really put a lot of effort into the packaging design. It’s made out of high-quality materials and allows Rhino Gold Gel to stand out among similar products even when compared to our own offers – Titan Gel and Maral Gel. We tested it: the conversion rate was higher, it’s easier to gain trust and negative feedback is less likely. 

    Here are some pictures of the product:



    Just look at the rhino! Powerful, strong, muscular. It’s a perfect image to catch the male audience’s attention.  

    Cool fact: there was separate research on the taste and smell of the gel. We tried more than 30 different fragrances and concluded that bergamot + cedar nut work best. Bergamot helps to relax and cedar makes one feel manly and powerful. Without a doubt, it has a huge potential of becoming a hit.


    In short – this offer is a catch. Rhino Gold Gel doesn’t have many competitors according to OfferVault. There are only 4 products available at the payout rate of $25+ and the GEO situation is rather limited. Btw, the niche average payout hardly reaches $20. We also considered your wishes and added more Asian countries, and delicious rare ones, like China and Taiwan. Claim your share of the pie while it’s hot! 


    Since the Rhino Gold Gel main features are similar to the legendary Maral Gel, the same advertising tactics can be used. We have an informative case study on Maral Gel with FB traffic, take it into account when launching your ad campaign for Rhino Gold Gel.

    Here are some unique product features that can be useful for your creatives:

    POWERFUL LEGEND: Rhino Gold Gel is not just about aggressive and inspiring visual imagery. Many believe that rhino horn powder is a powerful detoxifier, stimulant and aphrodisiac. It has been mentioned to be consumed by famous businessmen and top models, it’s ridiculously expensive and has a reputation of a luxury product in several countries.  Of course, we would never support hurting a rhino for a product, but you could use this popular legend to get your audience’s interest. 

    TRENDY: The good old trend of all-natural ingredients is only getting stronger. Everything organic, gluten-free, and bio-friendly sells well, and so does Rhino Gold Gel that’s filled with nature’s goodness like peruvian maca and muira puama. 

    APHRODISIAC: But what is MUIRA PUAMA? Have you heard of it? It has a long history in Brazilian folk medicine and is gaining popularity all over the world now. Muira puama is thought to increase sexual desire and treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women. It’s also one of Amazon’s top-selling ingredients!

    Starting to feel the RHINO GOLD power? Hop on, take the rhino by its horn and grab your profit ahead of others!

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