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  • Run spray offer – make a profit
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    While everyone else runs traffic to Money Amulet, competition for other offers reduces. That is why it’s time to focus your attention and direct your traffic to offers in another niche. These sprays, for example.  Let’s see what do we got here.


    [13762] Smoke Out – VN

    A spray that helps quit smoking. And also enhance the skin, bleaches your teeth, makes your hair shiny and you can have it all in a couple of weeks! The price is pretty low and this is one more reason for a consumer to buy the product.

    [13761] Night Comfort – VN

    A spray that relieves snoring. You will not wake up in the night, again and again, your loved ones will get enough sleep finally, there will be no health problems. No side effects, a long shelf-life, and small packages make consumers buy several products at a time.

    [13763] EcoSpray – VN

    A spray that helps you lose weight. Almost everyone wants to be thinner, men and women, from 15 to 60 years, all countries and cities. But each one of them doesn’t want to go to the gym, breaking their diets, can’t wake up early to make a morning run, etc. And with EcoSpray you just need to use it 3-4 times a day and that’s it. Decreases appetite, suppresses sugar cravings, speeds up fat digestion, well, consumers will lose weight right before their eyes.


    Why only one GEO – Vietnam? There are the highest approval rate and payouts. Well, it’s understandable – the weather is hot there and creams are not really convenient to use and, therefore, not popular. Moreover, creams and gels are everywhere and consumers are bored with it. A spray is a relatively new format which attracts people’s attention.
    All of these offers work well for both men and women. Well, better use women audience for EcoSpray, creative materials for men audience are being developed.

    Okay, but why these offers, there are lots of others. Everything about them is great – the approval rates, the payouts, there are really good profitable combos (contact your manager for more info). Unfortunately, everyone forgot about these offers. We have even certificates! But use cloaking with Facebook traffic, so far, experience had shown that there is a high chance to be banned.


    This is all for today. For more information, contact your managers – they are always happy to help!
    And stay tuned – we prepare something really interesting for you 😉

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