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  • Start Discovering Asia in Multicultural Malaysia
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    Hi there, affiliates!

    We keep up discovering 🌏 Southeast Asia. Nice to be your guide again! Ready to set off for 🇲🇾 Malaysia

    During our little CPA overview, you will learn the cultural peculiarities of Malaysian people and some current trends to ease the process of designing creative materials.  Also, we’ll share not only our hints with you! Tshh… We have insider tips from a local advertiser that will be a perfect match to what we’re going to tell you. 

    The best sources, taboo topics, gift-giving holidays, shopping behavior, and many more are awaiting you in the next several minutes! Don’t just scroll through the creative pairs for the offers prepared for you, in case you want to benefit from this GEO here and now. Planning to go big in Malaysia? Find a special bonus from our partner – MGID next to the creative pairs!

    Here we go!

    Life through Media

    Malaysian people like Indian serials (but not only!), so you can use images of Indian people, and peep for scenarios for your creatives as well 🙂 

    What’s more, Malaysians like following political news along with bloggers involved in politics. For instance, here are the popular search queries to “blog” of July 2021. 

    Reformasi means “Reform”. One political blogger is mentioned in “Related topics” along with 2 politics-related topics.  3 political blogs, as well as 1 political news portal, are mentioned in “Related queries”.

    In general, news portals are stably being among the top-visited sites, since natives prefer to move with the latest updates in the country. 

    The tendency for searching political news (berita politik in Indonesian) as well as news (berita) remains high, as we see it from the stats. 

    Malaysian people

    The people of Malaysia are a mosaic of Chinese, Indian, and native Malay influences. Thus, there is a cultural mix where each culture intermingles with one another, not losing its own values.  

    The composition of values has its roots in the religious mix. Malaysians love their relatives and family as well as show much respect to elders. Malaysians feel a kinship with other members of family or community in general. They have a strong belief in God and follow cultural traditions. You can gently apply it to your campaigns.

    Gift giving in Malaysia is usually reserved between friends. Here is a holiday calendar to adjust your special promos and campaigns to:

    The neighborhood of different religions has contributed to the emergence of taboos reflecting the religious traditions. Try to consider them all when making creative material.

    1. In 2016, the Malaysian government banned yellow clothing after the “yellow T-shirts” protests in Kuala Lumpur. Now, wearing yellow can lead to an arrest on suspicion of protesting the government.

    2. These animals deem dirty in the Islamic religion.

    3. In accordance with Islamic principles, the left hand is considered unclean because of reserving for cleansing the body and mustn’t be used alone. 

    Malaysian health

    At the first sight, Malaysians may be considered a nation that follows healthful habits: the majority of them don’t skip breakfasts, drink a lot of water, and do exercises. 

    However, some Malaysians are smokers and excessive consumers of alcohol and unhealthy food. Drinking alcohol is prohibited for Malaysian Muslims by law. The others are free to consume it. 

    A public health institute found out that 45.8 per cent of Malaysian drinkers consume excessive alcohol. According to WHО, liver cirrhosis and cancer are common deaths caused by alcohol misuse in Malaysia. 

    For example, in Europe, the countries with at least 1 monthly episode of heavy drinking are Denmark (38%), Romania (35%), and Luxembourg (34%).

    What’s else?

    Being a part of the modern digital world, the majority of the nation prefers to google symptoms instead of visiting a doctor. However, they are not going to reject help. Many affirm that they are ready to get guidance and motivation to sustain healthy behaviors.

    Malaysia is rich in natural and herbal resources. It’s the country where the ancient traditional medicine ingredients can be used in diverse products now.  

    Plastic surgery is affordable for rich Malaysian people, while others prefer to use natural cosmetics or products as a means for solving some appeared body imperfections. Malaysian consumers become too careful when they know little of a product’s composition of ingredients. This mainly concerns Beauty products

    💡 Tip: Emphasize a natural composition of a product in your creative materials, since it increases the trustworthiness of the product. Such products seem more habitual and familiar to the natives concerned about product quality. Malaysians favor natural ingredients, and seeing it in the compositions of a product will definitely have a positive impact on a buying decision process. 

    Nutra consumers in Malaysia

    In 2020, Rakuten Insight surveyed  6,081 Malaysian respondents aged 16 years and older to find out how often they take dietary supplements or nutraceuticals. 63% of the respondents stated that they took dietary supplements on a daily basis. 81% of respondents aged 55+ are the major daily consumers of dietary supplements. What supplements did they mean? Herbal substances, minerals, or vitamins, taken to improve health.

    Apart from taking dietary supplements, Malaysian people like taking care of the body.

    They really do! In the latest overview of the South Asian GEOs, we also talked about the popularity of the sector among Malaysian people.

    Making creatives

    There is one crucial point you must know about before launching campaigns for offers. Nutra products aren’t medicines or preventive treatments, so don’t forget to avoid such statements in creative materials and put a disclaimer telling this to customers. Advertising for true medications is under the authority of Ministry of Health. 


    💡 You can use Malay/English + Chinese in your campaigns to broaden the audience reach.

    Bahasa Malaysia is the official language spoken in the country, and English is widely spoken in Malaysia (50-60 percent of the population). English is very commonly spoken in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities, and less spoken in rural areas and the east island of the country. 

    💡 Show how to use a product in your creative material, and add essential and clear information on the product. Discounts can help you attract the attention of would-be customers since they drive the attention of Malaysian people. 

    💡 Infographics and product reviews can be helpful in making a decision for a purchase. Also, Malaysians rely on articles, blogs, and videos.

    Want more practical examples? Check out the top-performing creative pairs! 

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    Running traffic in Malaysia

    Now let’s talk about sources and types of traffic that can be quite helpful in reaching the local audience. Some sources are popular among users, some – among affiliates. Try all of them to make your own efficient traffic recipe. 

    By the way, note that Malaysians are social media lovers! With 28 million Internet users (85% of the population), almost all of them (!)  are social media users.

    Social media advertising can really increase the number of sales in Malaysia and drive more traffic to your page. 66% of Malaysians start thinking of making a purchase while surfing social media. 

    Here are 6 platforms visited by Malaysians in the period of August 2020 – August 2021. The most visited platforms were Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. 

    Advertising on Instagram is more expensive than on Facebook, and promoting offers via Google Ads can be tough. Some of our affiliates get nice results with this source, but we can’t promise for sure that the digits in your stat will be the same (but there is always a chance for a try!).

    Alas, Google Ads has a drawback that you need to consider before starting a campaign there. It’s the ad cost. What’s more, product certificates are required at a time. By the way, almost all of the above-mentioned offers have certificates. In case you want to try the source, reach out to your manager for info. 

    A satisfying result of a campaign depends on the right choice of traffic type. Some sources are quite suitable for certain verticals, and the data varies from GEO to GEO.

    And now here comes a hot fact! One of the most popular search queries in Malaysia is – Indian p*rn. Such websites contain some Аdult and Dating banners, so you can try your luck in promoting Аdult products as an extra source for them. 

    Moreover, targeting certain cities/states can increase the performance of your campaign. Note the highly convertible states and one city below, according to the stats of our advertiser:

    📍 Kuala Lumpur 

    📍 Selangor 

    📍 Sabah 

    📍 Sarawak

    But anyway, to make your campaign productive, read attentively an advertiser’s recommendations/requirements and ask your manager for advice!

    Our informative little trip is coming to the end. Now you are more than ready to open the door to the Malaysian market. With the high internet penetration and love for Nutra products, that exotic GEO is a fine point to scale up your affiliate revenue. 

    See ya at the next exotic CPA expedition!

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