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  • 11.11.2022

    Reading Time: 14 minutes It’s time to get to know the workflow of AdCombo better!  In the first article, we told you about the processes in our affiliate department, which are usually hidden from prying eyes: what happens when an affiliate manager quits or gets sick, stages of employee selection, building B2B relationships, their impact on affiliates, and many…

  • 09.11.2022

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Hey there, PR-fire Vi is here! While the preparations for the launch of my first ad campaign are in progress, I’ll tell you about myself. My name is Victoria, and I’m a PR manager at AdCombo. My affiliate experiment will help me better understand you, our audience. So I can improve the content I produce….

  • 03.11.2022

    Reading Time: 12 minutes In the previous article about API, we discussed how to add a landing page to a hosting and how to pick up your domain name for it. But before you start running traffic via API and designing your website, you need to create a correct domain name and move it on a safe hosting.  Today,…

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