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  • The easy profit in 2 months with Wonder Cells!
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    What shall you do, when Facebook is being annoying with all its rules and restrictions? 

    Test new sources! 

    In this case study you will learn how to launch the campaign with Native ads and have a pretty good profit instead of high stress level. 

    Successful approaches and less effective ones, excellent texts for creatives and examples with low CTR – all of this you can find here. Don’t spend time on your own mistakes, learn from others’!

    More than $2000 of profit in 2 months easily with Wonder Cells!

    Period: 20/03/2021 – 20/05/2021 

    Offer: Wonder Cells 

    GEO: Tunisia

    Traffic source: Engageya

    Revenue: $3230

    Spend: about $1163

    Profit: $2067 

    ROI: 177,7%

    We decided to launch the campaign with this offer on the advice of our manager. The Engageya platform was chosen as a traffic source, because it has traffic to Tunisia. We started with a good blacklist. After a split-test the HealthNews24 landing page showed the best results, so most of the traffic went through this one:

    Used approaches:

    1) The well-known teaser with the contrast of young and old skin showed really good results:

    2) Before and after (European old lady with brown eyes had higher CTR than Arab women):

    3) “Patches” for the eyes, apparently made from fruit:


    4) Pipette with drops:

    5) Mask on the face:

    Two main types of the most successful texts:

    Anti-aging at home. Minus 15 years in 1 month. Try now!

    How to look 15 years younger. A simple home anti-aging method.

    And here are the least successful banners:  

    1) Anime:

    2) Funny girls with face masks:

    3) Yellow circles on a young girl’s face:

    4) Before and after (Arab girl): 

    Texts with the worst CTR level: 

    Shocking news: you can look 15 years younger thanks to this!

    Rejuvenation after 35, quickly and safely. Secret method! Try now!

    If you want to look 15 years younger, try this recipe!


    Data from AdCombo:

    Data from Binom tracker. There is an uncritical difference between the number of leads in AdCombo and in the Binom tracker, in AdCombo profit is $34 bigger.

    Daily report from tracker:

    It was a pleasure to work with this offer. The volumes in this case study may not be so impressive, but it didn’t take much time and effort to optimize. The easy profit was $2067 in 2 months!

    Thanks to Adcombo for the advice to start the campaign with this offer. We’re waiting for new tips!

    Do you want to repeat the success? Keep the hint!

    The offer from the case is inactive now. But there are great nutra products in the region that will lead you to profit just as easily. Catch the offers and creative pairs: 

    Using these offers not only you will earn $$$ on an offbeat GEO, but also participate in a contest with guaranteed prizes! More info here.

    Have a lucrative day! 


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