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  • Top USA offers for Hispanic traffic!
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    Hey guys! 

    Want more easy profit? Can’t afford to test a lot of new creative pairs? Eager to try a new GEO but can’t make a decision?  

    We know the answer: our top US offers with an extra twist!

    In this post we’re going to teach you affiliate chemistry. Mixing up various offers, diverse traffic and tailored creative pairs has never been so fun!  And to prove that it is also quite profitable we got a case study for you at the end.  

    Spoiler: ROI is almost 400% and profit is more than $2200!

    Let’s take it step by step. What happens if we mix well-known US offers

    31571 Motion Energy – US

    31191 Motion Mat – US

    29933 Bluestone – US

    29825 Moleculica – US

    29726 Shark Motion – US

    29604 Toxic OFF – US

    29298 Rhino Gold Gel – US

    29297 Matcha Slim – US

    with local Spanish speaking traffic? A pretty much inevitable explosion of profit! 

    Let’s look into how it happens.

    AdCombo has a unique hybrid model in the US. It offers two payment options for the customer – credit card and cash, to reach as wide an audience as possible.  

    How does a hybrid landing work? After filling a short 2-field form, the customers can decide if they want to pay online or when they receive the product (the COD model that we all love so much!). And even if the online payment doesn’t come through or the customer bounces off the payment page, he will still be contacted by our call center – a strong chance for affiliates to have their leads approved

    Speaking about approval, there is a wonderful by-product of the fruitful reaction between a US offer and Spanish speakers.  We have analyzed our statistics closely and came to the conclusion that not only the creatives in Spanish can give you cheaper conversions, but also even higher approval rate these days! How? With the help of well-localized creatives, lower competition and some financial circumstances we are about to cover.  

    This Hispanic audience in the US is large and the purchasing power is quite high:  

    • U.S. Hispanics currently number about 60 million officially, and there is an estimate of 10 million undocumented immigrants that Hispanics are a dominating part of.  

    • According to the U.S. Census Bureau data the Hispanics currently spend about $1.4 trillion annually and the number grows faster than the average.   

    • And while the average income is growing substantially, their use of financial products is a bit behind: only about 50% use credit cards compared, for example, to about 80% of the white US residents. Also the percentage of those who are behind on their credit card payments is 1.5 higher than the rest, so being able to pay cash comes in very handy.

    All of the above make the Hispanic community the perfect target for you to try with our US offers (especially 29298 Rhino Gold Gel – US is in high demand). Make a campaign or two, test and thank us! 😉

    To illustrate, we present you the results of the recent case study sent to us by our affiliate:

    Campaign details

    Period: 01/04/2021 – 27/07/2021

    Offer: Toxic OFF

    GEO: USA

    Traffic source: Native Ads

    Revenue: $2878,5

    Spend: $608

    Profit: $2270,5  

    ROI: 373%

    We took a typical pre-landing page, added an anonymous questionnaire and a comparison table. Then we updated the pre-landing page with a health specialist picture, that hasn’t yet become overused in creatives, and some detailed parasite pics. The people’s fear that they may be infected by the creepy creatures (shown in detail on that page) forces them to make a purchase anyway, as they say for “prevention measures”. We used spoilers in order to hide the creepiest parasite videos. 

    We also tried motivating teasers illustrating papillomas on the skin, which this product could help with, as well as .gif files with some worms. The text title was adjusted to fit the image on the teaser. Here are some examples of the most successful teasers:

    Banners below were completely unsuccessful:

    As you see, according to the results, it was possible to earn more money if the approval rate would be around 40%. In the United States it is generally not bad. We did some optimization work and created black/white lists to get the numbers up, so we’re excited to continue and see how profits turn out! 

    All in all, we can say that so far Toxic OFF has shown a good result

    What can we add to that? That we’ve prepared a bunch of converting creative pairs for you to start your campaigns right away! Click on the image to see the offers.

    Do your best and enjoy! Arriba!

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