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  • Traffic Drill Comes to the End. New Affiliate Sheikhs are Revealed!
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    The Arabian sun is gradually setting…All hard traffic drillers are terminating their traffic mining works. The time has come, Traffic Barrels 🛢need to be counted to predict who can receive the glory of true CPA Sheikhs

    Your efforts were really fine: some of you discovered prolific MENA & GCC GEOs, making first maybe not confident yet persistent steps; the rest contrived to find new territories of traffic or improve familiar ad strategies. 🚩

    Starting September 1st, 2021, your traffic flows haven’t been interrupted even for a second! On December 11th, at 00:00 UTC, it finally stops being converted into Traffic Barrels

    Keep calm: all sales obtained within the Challenge’s period (till December 11th) will be converted into Barrels later, after being approved

    TOP 3 Traffic Drillers have already proved that they deserve to be called Affiliate Sheikhs. Now they are, according to the Challenge’s condition, about to step into the new Era of CPA at TeslaFest in Dubai 🏝 among the TOP 50 TeslaVision affiliates! Congrats!

    The other tough traff drillers can pick the prizes for their current number of Traffic Barrels.

    But note that it’s the finish – not the end! Arabian region keeps on rising in AdCombo! Want to make nice earnings in barely-crowded GEOs? Don’t miss on trying the MENA & GCC countries!

    Not assured? We have the expertise, localized creative materials, and a native manager to support you. 

    Seize your chance and let’s meet in the next Challenge!


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