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  • UPVision: Clear look at new lucrative offer in LATAM
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    Can you see it? We definitely can, thanks to our new Vision offer

    Don’t waste your time with longreads, we’ve put together all the info you need to know about this offer, so you can start your campaigns right away 🙂 

    Product’s name: UpVision

    Available GEOs

    36956 UpVision – MX: payout = $12;

    36955 UpVision – CL: payout = $21;

    36954 Upvision – PE: payout $14.

    What is so special about it? Ingredients!

    Antioxidant zeaxanthin protects eyes from oxidative damage caused by UV rays, free radicals, and other harmful external factors); chamomile, flax seed, grape seed, vitamins A, C, E, and zinc

    Use them to emphasize the naturalness of the product in your creative pairs (natural ingredients trend is still on the rise!). We talked about a color palette that can create a sense of naturalness in our recent article on how to improve a CR of your landing page.

    You can get the product pictures for your creative pairs on the offers’ page (Creatives tab). 

    The form factor is capsules. They’re known and loved by the target audience. Mostly because it’s convenient to take once a day for people of all ages! 

    What’s in it for you? 

    • The advertiser has his own call center that will process all your leads fast!

    • A large number of delivery points to send the goods to the customers from almost every corner of the country;

    • The offer passed the approval rate test drive and showed great results!

    Be the first to launch it while competition is now minimal!

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