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  • We’re launching COD in the USA!
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    Have you seen our latest offer announcements? Do you feel that there is something missing in each of them? One GEO… 


    Toxic OFF

    Rhino Gold Gel

    Matcha Slim

    Motion Mat

    Well, today, after extensive testing, we are opening COD offers in the US! This is great news because: 

    FIRST Other networks have only CPS offers in the US. AdCombo has a unique hybrid model, where the customers can decide if they want to pay online when making an order or when they receive the product. And if the customers leave the cart without payment, they will still be contacted by our call centers – a strong chance for affiliates to have their leads approved. 

    SECOND Conversion rates are higher due to short forms, and the lead price is much lower for COD offers compared to CPS offers.

    THIRD A lot of Spanish-speaking customers in the US prefer to order products using the COD model and pay with cash since some of them don’t have credit cards. BUT! Such leads have a lower approval rate when compared to English-speaking customers. 

    FOURTH AdCombo has ready-made creatives in Spanish for these offers! 

    FIFTH  Have a look at the infographics below. The US e-commerce market is at its peak. Take this opportunity! 

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